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Website Templates

Submit your custom website template designs. Moboom has users in every industry, from services and entertainment, to photography and blogging.

Static Content

Offer photography, video, music, or any other type of content users will love on their website.


Submit the different pieces of functionality you’ve created -- all of the Moboom users build their websites with widgets. Examples include image slider, responsive dropdown menu, or a Facebook feed.

Content Sets

Submit your pre-built content set and make it easy for users to add a blog, gallery, or other type of content.


Offer help in your area of expertise: design, development, marketing, and more are all welcome. A few examples of this would be custom built website, copywriting, or SEO.


Submit a software or service that a user can manage within the website platform. Examples include eCommerce, or a form constructor.

Site Packs

Site Packs are pre-built sections of a website that users can add to their site. For example, a blog site pack would include a blog page, article page, and content set.


Offer your software integration, and Moboom users will connect with their site. Examples include Mailchimp email marketing, and Xero Small Business Accounting.

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