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A container helps you create complicated layouts. Really, it's just a widget that holds other widgets. You don’t need to use a container for every widget, but if you want to just create more than basic rows and columns, you’ll want a container.

In HTML terms, a container is just div. So you can target a container with CSS by adding an ID or classes.

Here are some ways to use a container:
  • A section on a single-page website. Change the background color of a container, and then drop other widgets into it. Add one container for each section to make a trendy one-page website.
  • Create a narrow column for text. If you want the header and footer to be full width, but the text to be in a narrower column, put the text in a container with a max-width.
  • Create a sidebar. Add a sidebar with navigation or featured products. Although, remember, if you just want basic columns and rows, you don’t need a container.
  • Create complex layouts. Use a container to create fancy layouts—like with one row on the left and several rows on the right.


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