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Connecting your site to Facebook has several benefits. If you post to Facebook often, adding a Facebook Feed means you don't have to double your work or force your visitors to check several places for the latest content.

Adding a feed to your site also drives traffic back to your Facebook page, and social sharing is a great form of free advertising.

Here are some ways to use the feed: 

  • Put it on your homepage. If you want to make your Facebook feed front-and-center put it right on your homepage.
  • Put it on your contact page. Customer support via social media is popular trend. Show your customers that you have a Facebook page they can use to contact you.
  • Add it to your blog. Often, blogs are used to give customer updates—about new products, changes on the site, and so on. If this is what you’re posting on Facebook, then make sure your blog visitors see it too.


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