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This widget is meant for designers and developers who want a custom display of a twitter feed. It comes with a few designs, which are intended to hint at (rather than fulfill) the potential of the widget.

If you're not interested in customizing the design of your feed, you might look at the Twitter widget.

To use this widget, you'll need a widget ID, which you get from Twitter. (Details here.)

The three included styles (clean, minimal, speech) are all defined in the LESS code, in the Advanced Styles window. You can adjust these as needed, or build your own custom style.

Additionally, you can install a JavaScript callback function, which will be called for each tweet. The function should be installed globally on the window object. It takes one string as input (the text of a single tweet, already formatted with HTML tags), and should return the modified text. For example:
window.tweakTweet = function(t) { return t.replace('war', 'peace'); }
This widget does not provide a way for you to install JavaScript. You will have to either build your own custom widget, or use the JS Include widget.


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