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DevKit is for a technical user who will have full access to the Site Studio. In the Site Studio, you can build sites rapidly with drag and drop, while still having full access to the HTML and CSS.

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This simple blog template presents your words and images with no distractions. A light-color background makes your content pop, and advanced share settings let's you post your content to any number of social networks with ease.

Featured benefits of this template include:

  • Responsive Menu adapts to any device and helps users navigate
  • With Social Networks, clients can easily connect with you
  • Share enables users to share your content across a wide range of networks
  • Search Results makes it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for
  • Gather contact info with and keep in touch with our customizable Form
  • See your site seamlessly displayed across all different types of devices
  • Template presets allow you to change your theme's color scheme with the click of a button


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