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This is a versatile widget—use it to display dates, links, text, and more. This widget is best at taking input in one form (such as 10/05/2015) and outputting it in another form (such as October 5, 2015). 

The Listing widget works great with content sets, and it allows you to display the same content in different ways in different places. 

Use it for:

  • Dates. Take in a date that looks like 10/05/2015 and output: Monday, October 5, 2015.
  • Blank content. Sometimes in a content set, a field is blank. Set a default value or choose not to display anything in that case.
  • Article summaries. Set character limits on the amount of text to display. So on a search results page, display, for example, the first 200 characters of an article.

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