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This widget allows you to add text written with Markdown syntax. Markdown is a markup language designed to be readable by people first and machines second. The concept is that you simply write plain text that any one can understand, and then it’s converted to HTML for web browsers to read.

Because the text is converted to HTML, your visitors will never know whether you used Markdown or HTML. Use Markdown if you think it’s a better syntax for you. 

Includes Markdown Extra for richer inline HTML code and Smartypants, which converts quotes into curly quotes. 

Here are some reasons people use Markdown:

  • Human readable. Markdown doesn’t require markup elements that aid computer parsing but get in the way of actually reading the text.
  • Collaboration is easier. Markdown is readable and editable even by people who aren’t familiar with the exact syntax.
  • Publishable without conversion. If you publish Markdown document in other ways—like sending it in an email—it will look like plain text.

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