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This contemporary template is great for real estate or any small business. You’ll stay connected to your customers with social media integration, and they’ll enjoy how easy it is to browse the site on any device.

Featured benefits of this template include:

  • Stay connected with your clients through Advanced Social Networks
  • Feature Block highlights specific items like blurbs or bios
  • Feature Grid organizes content into a grid format—perfect for product listings
  • Display featured items on a carousel with Latest Offers
  • Team is an impressive way to introduce bios and photos of your coworkers
  • Gather contact info with and keep in touch with our customizable Form 
  • Search Results makes it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for
  • Display all your locations with a Map
  • Make submenus with Responsive Dropdown Menu
  • You can add custom HTML markup to your site
  • See your site seamlessly displayed across all different types of devices
  • Template presets allow you to change your theme's color scheme with the click of a button


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