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The Rich Text widget is perfect for users who either don’t know HTML or don’t want to bother with it. Type text right into the widget, use the formatting tools to add styling, and the widget will apply the proper HTML.

This widget doesn’t accept fields from content sets. Use the Text widget for content sets. So using this widget for static text, displayed in one spot, which you will probably not change often.

Use the Rich Text widget for:

  • About description in the footer. Throw a short About description in the footer of your site. This description will tell your customers what you do no matter where they land on your site.
  • Describe a unique service. Write a short description of a service—like Free Shipping Worldwide—and put it on your home page. Then give your visitors a link so they know what to do next (link to your store for example). 
  • Tell visitors what’s on a page. If you have a unique page—like a Contact page or an FAQ—use Rich Text widget to a short description telling visitors what to do on that page. (For example, Fill out this form to set up an appointment.)


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