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Too busy? Too technical? Just can't be bothered?

Too many businesses get bogged down with the technical details of building a website. We handle the techie stuff so you can focus on what’s important; running your business. We will set your site up for success.

What you get: 2 hours of one-on-one time with one of our Web Experts. They will get your site content loaded and make sure you are happy with it.

The process: You pick the theme that works for you, schedule your appointment (via Google Hangout) and your expert will take care of the rest. Uploading content and pictures and adjusting colors, fonts and everything it takes to have a great site.

What’s included:
  • Help picking your theme
  • Uploading content
  • Setting your blog up
  • Connecting your Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc)
  • Configuring your custom domain
  • Configuring your Google Analytics
What it does not include:
  • Custom Design
  • Custom Graphics/Logo Design
  • Manually creating blog pages
  • Website Migration (over 5 pages)
  • Development of New Features
  • Setting up your email (unless purchased thru Market)

Need Custom Work?

Moboom's community of design, development, and marketing experts are ready to help create truly custom solution.

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